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Who Needs an Alcohol Education Card

The following is a list of individuals who are required by law to complete alcohol awareness training in Nevada:

1. Employees working at any establishment or venue, for any length of time, who sell or serve alcohol to the public.
2. Employees working as security guards at alcohol serving establishments.
3. Employees working at retail stores that sell alcohol.

Minimum Age Requirement

You must be 16 years of age to obtain an alcohol education card. Persons 16 - 17 years of age may handle sealed (corked/boxed) alcohol if employed at a retail grocery/food store *and* supervised by an adult (age 18+). In order to serve, sell, handle, or mix open alcohol, a person must be age 21.

Is this a TAM Card? Is it state certified?

Although your employer may have used the term "Tam Card" as of 2007 Nevada law (NRS 369) uses the term "alcohol education card". In 2007 the State legislature gave approval for alcohol awareness courses to be completed via this web site. The card issued by this online course is equally recognized under Nevada law as evidence of completing the required alcohol awareness training as the TAM Card. Cards are valid state-wide (all NV counties and municipalities) for a period of 4 years. In fact you are not required to have any type of card (such as a TAM Card), you are required to complete the alcohol awareness course. The card you receive is simply evidence that you completed the course and you need it to show law enforcement during inspections.

Photos on Cards / Card Design Requirements

Photos are not required on the face of the card. The cardholder name, ID#, issue date, expiration date, issuing name are the only items that must be present.

Enrollment & Tuition

Course Tuition: $25 (includes everything - course, card, & test - no additional fees)


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