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How the Online Course Works

1. Complete the Online Course

The online course is set up like a text book with subject matter divided into modules. You must read through all the modules in sequential order. The course is self paced; you can log in and off the course from any computer located anywhere in the world. You can also chose to do the course in one sitting.

2. Take Your Test & Pick Up Your Card

When all the modules are complete, you are required to take a quick written test at our office. Most students complete the test in 10 minutes or less. 

3. Receive Your Card Immediately

After completing your test, you will immediately receive your Alcohol Education Card over the counter at our office. The card is valid for a period of 4 years.

Is this a TAM Card? Is it state certified?

Although your employer may have used the term "Tam Card" as of 2007 Nevada law (NRS 369) uses the term "alcohol education card". In 2007 the State legislature gave approval for alcohol awareness courses to be completed via this web site. The card issued by this online course is equally recognized under Nevada law as evidence of completing the required alcohol awareness training as the TAM Card. Cards are valid state-wide (all NV counties and municipalities) for a period of 4 years. In fact you are not required to have any type of card (such as a TAM Card), you are required to complete the alcohol awareness course. The card you receive is simply evidence that you completed the course and you need it to show law enforcement during inspections.

Who is required to complete this course?

Any person employed in a Nevada county with a population of 100,000+ who sells/serves alcohol for consumption on the premises as part of their employment duties or who is employed as a security guard at an alcohol serving establishment or who is employed at a retail liquor store is required by law to complete this course and obtain their alcohol awareness card.

Enrollment & Tuition

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Course Tuition: $25 (includes everything - course, card, & test - no additional fees)



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This online course is a convenient option to TAM of Nevada's 4-hour long classroom TAM Card course. The card received from completing this course is equally recognized under Nevada Law as the TAM Card.