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Card Security

Our Alcohol Awareness Cards have the following security features to help protect you from identity theft or card misuse. If your current tam card has a social security number printed on it, you should put it in a paper shredder and get a new one.

  • No social security number printed on card (some older TAM Cards brand cards still have SS# printed on them)
  • No home address printed on card.
  • Text is burned into card (rather than printed on top of card) via thermal imaging.
  • Both sides of card coated in tamper resistant laminate.
  • Card stamped with a hologram. If removed the words "card void" appear in micro-text.
  • Card states our direct telephone and web site for easy contact and verification of cardholder.

Protecting Your Identity

  • We never ask for your social security number. Keep it private!
  • Our online ordering form uses 2048-bit encryption.
  • We do not store credit card numbers. Our online form simply sends your encrypted credit card number to our bank for verification. It is then permanently deleted.

Enrollment & Tuition

Course Tuition: $25 (includes everything - course, card, & test - no additional fees)


4079 N Rancho Dr Ste 180
Las Vegas NV 89130

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